october 2023: fall hike to appreciate the colors!
Septemer 2023: Post-Thesis proposal celebratory brunch for carly.
August 2023: lunch to celebrate Wan-Jung defending her phd.
july 2023: Lunch to celebrate Jairaj Defending his PHD.
JUNE 2023: WanJung, José, and Carly attended the SB3C conference in Vail, Colorado.
may 2023: amit receives the first pathak lab problem solver of the month (it category)!
May 2023: Floats and umbrellas to celebrate Amit’s grant submission and the end of semester.
August 2023: Farewell lunch for José. He will be missed!
July 2023: celebration for josé defending his phd.
JUNE 2023: josé receives the Pathak lab problem solver of the month award (vacuum pump category)!
JUNE 2023: new lab goggles – and they’re quite a fashion statement!
May 2023: José walked for the BME PhD graduation ceremony. Yay!
MaRCH 2023: Chris showed off his ballet talents.